Self Care For You (and Your Moss Ball Pets)

Self Care For You (and Your Moss Ball Pets)

Self-care is a topic that can easily be misunderstood. Sometimes, when people begin to focus on self-care they can be seen as selfish or narcissistic. Others think that it is a waste of time, especially if they do not immediately experience the best results. Learning more about the benefits of self-care and practicing some of the techniques can cause a radical change in your life! 

Although it is implied that self-care is for...well, your self, there are a few ways for you to involve Moss Ball Pets™. Not only will you be able to give these zany green orbs some TLC (tender loving care) but you’ll also be able to allow yourself to encounter some quality solo time.  


Your #1 Priority? You!


Self-care is extremely important to practice when maintaining a healthy lifestyle. When flying in an airplane, the flight attendants remind passengers that in the event of an emergency, they need to put on their oxygen mask, first, before assisting others. Always check the state of your health before trying to help another person. If you don’t take care of yourself, you are putting everyone in danger of experiencing situations that turn into a downward spiral. Your number one priority should always be you; it is not a bad thing to align your focus on self-care. 

Clinicians on Psychology Today, a website focused on reliable psychology treatment and topics, have varying things to say about self-care. However, overall they agree that it is vital for people who feel overwhelmed, or too stressed and busy. Self-care should be composed of activities that support your overall well-being and should not be detrimental or harmful at all. Maybe binge-watching shows on Netflix and eating half of a pumpkin pie isn’t that great for you?


Make Your Soul Happy With Marimo 

In today's fast-paced world, there are times when you might feel like you’re unable to deal with anything. Marimo moss ball care can coincide with any tactic you use to manage your health because caring for them is extremely simple! If you don’t already participate in this trending and useful life skill, starting a self-care regimen could make a gigantic difference in your ability to deal with issues as they arise. Here are three simple ways to establish a self-care routine with  Moss Ball Pets™:

Learn how to ground yourself.

Grounding is a technique used by those who have a hard time focusing on the present. People with PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder), Anxiety, and others who have experienced traumatic events usually benefit the most from adding this tool to their mental health repertoire. 

  • First, pick up your marimo and squeeze the excess water out and roll it around gently in your palm.
  • Then, slow your breathing until you’re taking deep fulfilling breaths. 
  • After your breathing has started to slow down, begin focusing wholeheartedly on your moss ball (how would you describe it to someone else?), really take the time to focus on what the texture reminds you of, did it warm up in your hands, does it have any odd spots or bumps? 
  • When you begin to feel more relaxed and focused on the present moment instead of negative thoughts, put your little green friend back in its terrarium and move on to the next self-care practice. Next time, try grounding with another item (rock, pen, candle, etc.) to experience the calming effects of being present and aware.

    Meditate more often.

    Meditation is one of the oldest and most well-known processes that people use to help take care of themselves. Have you ever heard of object meditation? A marimo moss ball can be incorporated into your routine by being used as your focal point while you follow along in a guided meditation.

    The serene look of the vibrant spherical  Moss Ball Pets™ as they sit on your coffee table or desk during your meditation, might help you stay centered while searching for inner calm.

    Spend time outdoors.

    A 2010 study in Environmental Health and Preventative Medicine spent time showing people how spending more time outdoors could lead to lower levels of stress. 

    There are also other things to do for your benefit while outdoors such as reading, singing, taking pictures, practicing yoga, going on a picnic, and so much more. You can take your Moss Ball Pet™ with you because they love to travel with their owners! 


    Self-care Isn’t Selfish


    It is clear that although some people believe that self-care is a waste of time, self-care is extremely important to practice when maintaining a healthy lifestyle. There are times when you should include your Moss Ball Pet™ because it would benefit you both. Finding a marimo moss ball for sale can be tricky when you’re trying to find out which one is the best. 

    Don’t let that deter you from including them in your self-care regimen. Moss Ball Pets™ are a wonderful addition to your self-care practice because caring for yourself should be your main priority and they can assist you. It is not selfish or bad to make sure that you are presenting the best version of yourself to the world around you. Go ahead and take some time today to make sure that you’re equipped to maintain a healthy lifestyle!








    Author: Tierra C. Watkins

    Tierra C. Watkins is a freelance content creator and the CEO of Watkins Writing. She has been the lead writer for Moss Ball Pets since 2017. Tierra is currently attaining her Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration (Marketing emphasis) from Independence University. She focuses on using her writing to highlight the unique aspects of authentic products or services so that small businesses can thrive. Follow her on Twitter @tierra_watkins or LinkedIn.