What are they!?

Mysterious. Magical. Marvelous. Mellow.

These are some of the terms that people familiar with Moss Ball Pets might use to describe them. Not only are these sensational lovable little balls of algae great to look at, but they’re fun to take care of as well!

So what exactly are Marimo Moss Ball Pets you ask?

The Science:

The plant received it's scientific name "marimo" by a Japanese botanist Tatsuhiko Kawakami (川上龍彦 Kawakami Tatsuhiko) in 1898. Mari being a bouncy play ball and Mo a generic term for plants that grow in water. The public however dubbed them Moss Balls as they appear to look like moss even though they are in fact a rare form of algae that grows naturally in a spherical shape in just a few remote locations around the world.

Aegagropila linnaei, known as marimo (毬藻, literally "ball seaweed") in Japanese and as Cladophora ball, lake ball, mossimo or moss ball in English, is a species of filamentous green algae (Chlorophyta)

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The Habitat:

They are found mostly in a number of lakes in the northern hemisphere. A marimo is a rare growth form of the species where the algae grow into large green balls with a velvety appearance. Colonies of such balls are known to form in Iceland, Scotland, Japan, Estonia and, in 2014, Australia.

Human Fascination:

As humans we have always loved our "roommates" of the world, plants and animals. It is surprising however that this little green ball would capture the hearts and imaginations of people everywhere, most recently here in America.  The most famous instance of Marimo being beloved and cherished comes from the Japanese people. They have handed down a wonderful love story from generation to generation about the legendary tale of loves impeccable endurance which counts the fair young daughter of the Ainu tribal chief Senato and her lover Manibe who magically transformed into these moss balls after their love was forbidden due to their distanced social statuses.

Why Do You Need A Marimo Moss Ball Pet In Your Life?

We hear this question all of the time and its hard to understand at first until you adopt a Moss Ball Pet and see first hand the Love, Luck, and Happiness they bring to your and your loved ones lives!  But here are just a few reasons why you need this generations "pet rock" :)

1.) They are a fun spin on the idea of house plants.  Normally a houseplant requires water but not to be entirely submerged.  This makes for a unique and wonderful display for your home or office. (It also makes it much easier to take care of when you are gone for extended periods of time as long as they are submerged they will remain happy and healthy).

2.) They make probably one of the most unique gifts for the person who as everything or for the giver who wants something a bit more special.  In Japanese culture giving the gift of a Moss Ball Pet is considered to be very prestigious.  This is because of their long life span, up to 200 years in some cases, and the infamous love story which bring the sentiment of a long prosperous and love filled life.

3.) Moss Ball Pets are arguably one of the best first pets! Almost every child has had some type of pet to help teach them about the importance of responsibility, patience, compassion, and other personality traits. It is way too hard for most children to pay and care for most traditional pets. Even worse, some people are allergic to pet dander.

To learn even more about these unique and mysterious creatures please visit our blog which is filled with fun facts and Moss Ball Pet care information.

Ready to get your very own Moss Ball Pet?