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Six Amazing Benefits Of The Marimo Moss Ball Pet
Six Amazing Benefits Of The Marimo Moss Ball Pet

Live Marimo moss ball plants are very advantageous for fish tanks. They do everything from absorbing toxic nitrates and other nasties to give your animals a natural, healthy environment to live in.   Want your very own marimo moss ball...

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Marimo Moss Ball Pets: Adorable Green Pets with Simple Caretaking Needs!

Sourced from Lake Akan, Marimo moss balls are considered to be a national treasure. A lot of effort has gone into protecting these balls of algae and their habitat.

These mysterious moss balls inspire a deep fascination, and for this reason our Marimo shop provides you with plant aquariums with your very own moss ball pets! We offer both nano and junior moss balls, the former of which comes up to a half inch, while the latter can be one to two inches.

These terrariums come in a number of different shapes, such as the creative light bulb glass bottle or a plastic bottle terrarium for kids to eliminate the risk of broken glasss. Since moss ball pets can live for hundreds of years, you get the ultimate lifetime pet!

Buy moss balls in U.S.A from us at Moss Ball Pets. They’re the perfect gift for children, or even a wonderful addition to your home or office!