4 Reasons Why Moss Ball Pets Are The Most Unique Gifts

4 Reasons Why Moss Ball Pets Are The Most Unique Gifts

One of the weirdest things about humans, dolphins, and other various animals is how much we enjoy giving gifts to the ones we love. Right now, one of the best gifts to get for anyone you care about (even if you only care a little) is a Moss Ball Pet!

There are plenty of zany gifts on the market that we don’t even question like toilet bowl shaped coffee mugs and bacon flavored toothpaste. So, trust me this seemingly random ball of algae is way more beneficial (and less expensive) than those pickle earrings you think your cousin Sheila will love.


1. History buffs and learning lovers will adore Moss Ball Pets! These spherical balls of fun are also known as Marimo and they were named by Tatsuhiko Kawakami, a Japanese botanist, in 1898. Due to their popularity they were designated as a national treasure in Japan in 1921. The Moss Balls Pets that you order from us are produced from authentic Lake Akan filaments by certified farmers in Japan. Click Here for more information on the fascinating history of these lucky little balls of algae.

2. Marimo are very easy to care for. They don’t need food or fertilizer because they create their own food via photosynthesis. They simply need to be kept in clean, cold water (tap water is fine) in low lighting. All the kiddos in your life would benefit from having a Moss Ball Pet to love on! Since they are very low maintenance (think pet rock) they’re a perfect way to begin to teach the young ones in your life about responsibility.

3. Know of someone heading off to college? Wish them luck and brighten up cramped spaces (ah, the good ole dorm) with one of the Moss Ball Pet Terrarium Kits. Having plants around the living space has many benefits such as: improved air quality, better memory retention, and creating a more calming environment. When finals come around they’ll be sure to thank you! 

4. Do you have a special someone in your life? Marimo are prominient in Japan, Scotland, Estonia, Iceland, and Australia, and the romantic folklore that led to them being called “love plants” originated in Japan. The story involves two lovers who just wanted to be together. Treat your significant other with a marimo of their own to let them know how much you care. Curious about those lovers? Click here.


    Hopefully your interest has been piqued and you’ll give Moss Ball Pets a try and keep in mind I’ve only given you four reasons to try them out. I didn’t even get to mention the benefits that they can have for the elderly, aquariums, and those of us who believe in luck!