Should You have a Moss Ball Terrarium in Your Office?

Should You have a Moss Ball Terrarium in Your Office?

Name the one place where the majority of our time is spend on a normal day. Your office.

Most American employees work 34.4 hours in a week – and if you are a corporate slave, even more than the standard!

All work and no play can make Jack a dull boy but what can be done especially when it comes to creating a homely environment at your workplace?

Creating a Green Space for a Healthier and Happier You

Adding greenery to your office space offers a lot of benefits, both physical and psychological. This is something you ought to do even if all you have is a small and cramped cubicle!

Employers can also jump on the bandwagon – placing indoor potted plants in the office design plan. Here is what even small terrarium moss balls offer:

Helps Reduces Stress

Tight deadlines and high client expectations equals to higher levels of stress. Introducing moss ball pet terrariums and other potted plants to the work environment can possibly reduce stress according to a 2010 study. The following findings were reported by the Australian study:

  • Stress/Anxiety – reduced by 37%
  • Anger/Hostility – reduced by 44%
  • Fatigue – reduced by 38%
  • Depression/Dejection – reduced by 58%

Helps Fight Cold-Related Illnesses

No doubt, potted plants lend an aesthetic charm and beauty to any room, but there is another reason why you should keep them on your work desk. Indoor plants reduce harmful illness-causing bacteria, which reduces risk of cold related illnesses.

Other benefit of placing plants in the office is reduction in dust and increase in humidity levels.   

Helps Remove Airborne Contaminants

Does your office building feature an improper ventilation system? This can become an issue since air needs to be ventilated to promote a healthy environment. We spend the entire day inside the building, breathing the same air again and again. There is the possibility of inhaling harmful substances trapped inside, which leads to sickness and other health issues.

Indoor potted plants help remove pollutants including formaldehyde, VOCs and more.

Marimo Moss Balls – An Ideal Indoor Office Plant

Now that we have shed light on the wonderful benefits of keeping indoor plants at the office, let us discuss why terrarium moss balls are the best office plant.    

  • Requires very little maintenance
  • Doesn’t produce dead matter
  • Extremely robust and have a long lifespan

Want to bring some color into your white-walled office? Want to give company to the fish in the office aquarium? Buy authentic Japanese moss balls and turn your office space into a wonder haven of creativity and productivity! See our collection on Moss Ball Pets today!