The Traveling Moss Ball Pets

The Traveling Moss Ball Pets

Whenever we travel we always take Moss Ball Pets with us on our adventures.  Why? Well because they're good luck of course!

Before Moss Ball Pets™ started we would take our Marimo Moss Balls with us on long journeys and new adventures.  This soon became tradition and the Moss Ball Pets were now officially our travel partners and our source of good luck.  As we travel, we love to take pictures of our beloved pets in the different destinations that we visit. Often we have people inquire about these mysterious green balls that we carry around in a mason jar and take pictures of which sparks up an interesting and fun conversation.

Recently the Moss Ball Pets team traveled the Pacific Northwest Coast for inspiration on our next custom themed terrariums and of course we brought our lucky companions with us!  Check out the pictures below to see them along the journey :)


If you received your Marimo Moss Balls from us than your pet has already been 1000's of miles on a journey. It traveled all the way from Japan to us and then from us to your home!


Travel Tips:

  • Our preferred way to travel with Moss Ball Pets is in a mason jar with a lid and handle.
  • It is important to make sure that your Moss Ball Pets water never gets to hot along your journey. (If it is hot, leaving them in the car could possibly kill them!)
  • If you are flying you can put them in a zip-loc bag with just a small about of water until you arrive at your destination. (Keep them cool and out of the sunlight when they are out of the water.)
  • Take lots of pictures and bring them to amazing destinations for them to experience.
  • Keep a log book of miles traveled and destinations visited to remember the trips by. This is also cool to have if the Moss Ball Pet ever gets handed down to new generation in the family.