Moss Ball Pets 2020 Word of the Year: Care.

Moss Ball Pets 2020 Word of the Year: Care.

Happy New Year!

How do you celebrate the impending new year? Some people choose to host or attend parties in observance of a fresh start. Others will do their best to adhere to the requirements of globally popular superstitions: kissing someone at midnight to avoid a year of loneliness, wearing red for good luck, cooking certain foods to ensure a wealthy new year, and the list could go on endlessly.

Another common way to celebrate a new year is planning resolutions or goals to achieve as the year progresses. However, 2020 isn’t simply a new’s a new decade! Now is the time to start a new tradition; this year consider focusing on a specific word or phrase.


The Moss Ball Pets™ team has chosen our 2020 Word of the Year: Care.


Caring Creates A Better World

We believe that people should focus on embodying care in 2020 because it will positively enhance every other aspect of their life. Empathic people continuously put effort into maintaining strong communities and relationships. This lifestyle then beneficially impacts everyone, especially when the care is focused on community service or assisting the public.

When you care about something and show that you care, it creates an opportunity to personally experience fulfillment and happiness. Expressing consideration about something usually encourages other people to genuinely care about something as much as you!

If you’re ready to *leap into 2020 as a more caring person, keep reading for a list of 5 ways you can infuse care into everything you do.

*February 29th, 2020 is on Saturday! Happy Leap Year!


5 Ways To Focus On Care

I know that this concept can be confusing, so remember that demonstrating your care isn’t just something you need to prioritize in romantic relationships. As mentioned previously, every area of your life could be improved by incorporating care.


Write It Out

○ If you have a spare empty notebook lying around or maybe just some sheets of paper, you can create a 2020 gratitude journal. Taking time, daily or weekly, to reflect on what makes you grateful is a wonderful way to practice self-care. Did you know marimo care can be included in your self-care techniques as well?


■ Spend a few moments rolling the moss ball around in your hands to mimic the motion of gentle waves. This will help it maintain its spherical shape and you can practice mindful breathing or meditation while caring for your moss ball plant. Afterward, you can dive right into your gratitude journal and write with a serene mind.


○ For more information on how to care for marimo, click here!


Declutter Your Life

○ This may seem random but creating a schedule for household chores and removing things from your life that no longer make you happy can dramatically increase your outlook. This year you should take a page from Marie Kondo’s book and tidy up so that you can spark joy!


○ When you’ve created a cleaner and more joyous home, consider adding a marimo terrarium to the decor. Having Moss Ball Pets™ can create a calming and unique vibe to your home while also giving guests a centerpiece that they will want to know more about.


Show Your Pets Some Love

○ This year, try to include more ways to show your pets how much you love them. For some pet owners, this might mean focusing on their pet’s health by taking them on more walks or focusing on their pet’s dental hygiene. For others, this might take the form of getting your pet a fun subscription box service so that they continuously get new treats and toys throughout the year.


○ When they want to show their pets how much they care, aquatic pet owners don’t have a lot of options. Aquarium moss balls could be just the thing you need to make your pet fish, shrimp, or frog feel delighted. The marimo plant can serve as a snack, a place to rest, or a source of comfort for your pet.


■ Be sure to check with other pet owners or local pet shops before getting a marimo for your tank because it may not be suitable for all species.


Care About Your Community

○ People can volunteer in their community by completing a multitude of tasks. A quick online search could put you in touch with organizations in your area that need volunteers. No matter what your skillset is, your community needs your involvement to flourish. Some people may help out by serving food at homeless shelters, others prefer cleaning up the beach or local parks. However, if you don’t have a lot of time you can always make a financial contribution.


Listen To Their Love Language(s)

○ Love language is a term that was highly popularized after Gary Chapman published a book detailing how he believes that there are five ways people expect love to be shown. The five love languages are words of affirmation, gifts, acts of service, quality time, and physical touch. These are all just ways to show that you care!


○ If someone you know views gifts as a form of love then you should gift them a marimo ball. Moss Ball Pets™ are a lovely gift for someone to show them that you care for them and wish that they experience a long life filled with good luck.


2020 is the year for everyone to focus on pouring care back into the world around us to ensure a sustainable future. Pablo Casals, a well known Spanish cellist, once said, “I feel the capacity to care is the thing which gives life its deepest significance.” Make this year significant and be prepared to enjoy a thriving new decade!








Author: Tierra C. Watkins

Tierra C. Watkins is a freelance content creator and the CEO of Watkins Writing. She has been the lead writer for Moss Ball Pets since 2017. Tierra is currently attaining her Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration (Marketing emphasis) from Independence University. She focuses on using her writing to highlight the unique aspects of authentic products or services so that small businesses can thrive. Follow her on Twitter @tierra_watkins or LinkedIn.