New Year, New Pet, New You.

New Year, New Pet, New You.

New Year

At the beginning of the year, everyone begins to discuss the plethora of ways they will change and start the upcoming year “on the right foot”. These resolutions range from committing to a new diet to instilling a new habit. The owner of Moss Ball Pets, Joshua Buscay, believes that everyone can accomplish all they want to achieve in the new year, especially with the help of our lucky little helpers: moss balls.


New Pet

Some people adopt a new look or attitude as they dive into their new year’s resolutions, why not adopt a new pet instead? Aegagropila linnaei which are also known as lake balls, moss balls, or marimo in Japan, are touted as special balls of algae that can repair relationships, encourage prosperity, and ensure a lot of luck and love!

There is no denying that people all over the world could benefit from having moss balls in their life. Not only do they offer great benefits for the elderly and those who may not be able to afford or take care of traditional pets, but they also make very unique and thoughtful gifts for your loved ones. Moss balls were first noticed in Austria by Dr. Anton Sauter in 1823. He observed moss balls in Lake Zeller and, in 1898, Tatsuhiko Kawakami discovered marimo ( mari which means a bouncy play ball and mo a generic term for plants that grow in water) in Lake Akan, Japan.

Soon afterwards, people realized that they primarily inhabited lakes in Scotland, Russia, the United Kingdom, Estonia, and other countries with a similar climate. In Japan and Iceland they became recognized as a national treasure and many people began to keep them as “pets”.

Some people may be surprised to hear that moss balls are kept as pets but you can click here to read 10 amazing reasons to adopt a Moss Ball Pet! As the new year approaches, we can all agree that the moss balls’ lucky properties are the most mysterious. The lore of how to utilize the prosperity promised by Moss Ball Pets varies from region to region.

For example, it is an Icelandic belief that taking extremely good care of your moss ball will make your wishes come true. There is a legend in Japan of two star crossed lovers who wanted to spend eternity together and when life got in the way, as it sometimes does, their spirits became marimo so they could be together for hundreds of years.

Regardless of what your intentions for the new year may be, a little extra luck couldn’t hurt. Marimo are extremely resilient plants and don’t require much care so they would make great good luck charms!

New You

Moss Ball Pets New YouTo make sure that your year is as successful as possible, do your best to have other things (a strong support team, a new planner or calendar, etc.) in place to help you attain your goals. Personally, I like to make dream boards and motivating playlists. I even use an inspirational board on Pinterest to keep up with advice to help me flourish.

Everyone is different though, for instance some people rely on lucky underwear or a favorite sports jersey. Others may carry a rabbit’s foot or a lucky coin. A lucky Moss Ball Pet is not such a ridiculous concept to consider!

The new year is like a long awaited breath of fresh air. It’s a new beginning that serves as a reminder to realign yourself with your passions and goals. It can be hard to keep up the cheerful optimism that comes into play when you first begin to have aspirations.

If you find yourself starting to dwindle and need a good reminder of how excited you were when you began to dream, think of the words of Tony Robbins, “Stay committed to your decisions but stay flexible in your approach.” Why not approach your new year’s resolutions with a Moss Ball Pet in each hand?