Moss Ball Pets Benefit Senior Citizens

Moss Ball Pets Benefit Senior Citizens

Having plants around the home benefit all of us. Not only do they liven up our living area and purify our air, but houseplants also can also reduce stress and anxiety. Greening up your home just became a little easier, thanks to Moss Ball Pets! These zany little marimo (click here to learn more about their history) are perfect for senior citizens looking to brighten their home or add to their plant collection.

Moss Ball Pets are easier to take care of than traditional pets and houseplants. They don’t require a lot of sunlight or tons of care at all. The water only needs to be changed every week or two and they can be kept in a variety of containers. This is definitely important for those who have memory problems. It is much easier to bring a Moss Ball Pet back to life than it is a cat. Trust us.

Another problem that has been noted for the elderly is lack of mobility. You won’t have to bend over to pick up your pet or get on your hands and knees to coax it out from under the couch when you want to give it a little loving. Marimo are living creatures and they enjoy getting loved on too! Keeping it within easy reach (maybe on a bookshelf or coffee table) and giving it a little roll, every now and then, to maintain its shape will soothe and relax your little marimo and you as well.

Many seniors also experience financial problems and as a result turn to pensions, retirement funds, and other forms of monetary assistance to live. Unfortunately, this means that they are not able to maintain costly pet care. Moss Ball Pets are extremely cheap (find out how cheap here)! There’s no need to pay for food because, like other plants, they subsist via photosynthesis. Just keep your marimo in fresh water (tap water will work just fine) and if it gets sick, you don’t need to take it to the vet, just follow the steps listed here.

If you know of anyone who's looking for a wallet-friendly ball of joy then send them our way and while you’re at it, choose a Moss Ball Pet for yourself as well!








Author: Tierra C. Watkins

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