Crystal Ball Bottle Topper

Crystal Ball Bottle Topper

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This is an add on of ONE Crystal Ball to be placed on top of your Moss Ball Pet Alchemist Terrarium.


🤍CLEAR QUARTZ🤍 : A master healer. Clear Quartz purifies and cleanses the energy of your space while elevating it to a new level. It also helps with clarity of mind, body, spirit while removing emotional triggers that no longer serves the highest good.  


💎AUTHENTIC STONES💎 : Our crystal spheres are 100% natural stones provided by Mother Nature. These are not man-made or created using fake materials.


💎100% NATURAL COLOR💎 : These spheres are not dyed, or heat treated, they are as beautiful as Mother Nature intends! Natural color is a key to understanding the stone's spiritual and healing properties.

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Customer Testimonials for Moss Ball Pets

Our customers who adopt our marimo are extremely happy with the process of adoption and the quality of Moss Ball Pets. Our testimonials prove it!

We offer a satisfaction guarantee that your Moss Ball Pets will arrive happy and healthy to your door.

Not all marimo moss balls are created equal. We only provide high quality, reasonably priced moss balls that are sourced by utilizing an environmentally friendly technique.

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