Assorted colorful 2-inch succulents in a group, showcasing a variety of shapes and vibrant colors.
Variety pack of small succulents, featuring mixed colors and forms, ideal for indoor planting.
Collection of diverse 2-inch succulents, each with unique leaf patterns and bright colors.
Vivid and colorful 2-inch succulents displayed together, demonstrating the range of species included.
Bright assortment of 2-inch succulents, emphasizing their compact size and decorative appeal.
Close-up of a selection of colorful 2-inch succulents, highlighting their detailed textures and hues.
Multi-colored 2-inch succulents, showcasing their natural beauty and small, manageable size.
Group of colorful 2-inch succulents, perfect for adding a splash of color to small spaces.
Hand-picked selection of 2-inch succulents, grown and shipped from Southern California, with a focus on quality and color.

20-Pack of COLORFUL 2" Succulents

Regular price$ 35.00
  • Live Arrival Guarantee!

A beautiful, colorful variety of 2” succulents. We will choose a wonderful selection for you.  

Picture is an example of what you’ll get. Succulent inventory changes daily. All plants shipped bare root. 

  • Please allow 7-10 days processing time on your order
  • All plants are shipped bare root, without pot or soil
  • Hand-picking the ABSOLUTE BEST - we care about the color / quality you're getting!
  • Grown & shipped from beautiful Southern California!

If you need 30+ units, please see our half and full flat options.

Happy planting!!!

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