Assortment of six 2-inch succulents in small pots, displaying a range of green hues and leaf textures.
Close-up of a colorful 2-inch succulent from the 6-pack, highlighting detailed leaf patterns and vibrant color.
Collection of six small succulents, each distinct in shape and color, arranged together for display.
Diverse group of 2-inch succulents showing various growth forms and coloration, ideal for small spaces.
Varied selection of 2-inch succulents in a pack, each with unique leaf formations and subtle color differences.
Bright and colorful 6-pack of 2-inch succulents, emphasizing compact size and decorative potential.
Group of six small, vibrant succulents, each plant showcasing its own unique characteristics.
Collection of six 2-inch succulents, perfect for indoor or outdoor gardening, featuring diverse textures.
Array of 2-inch succulents in a multi-pack, displaying a spectrum of greens and other natural tones.
Six-pack of miniature succulents, each plant distinct with varied leaf shapes and textures.
Assorted 6-pack of 2-inch succulents, offering a variety of forms from rosettes to spikey leaves.
Vibrant collection of small succulents, each in a 2-inch pot, perfect for creating a mini indoor garden.
Decorative 6-pack of 2-inch succulents, each demonstrating unique adaptations and colorful foliage.

6-pack of 2" succulents

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Color, variety, and so beautiful! All plants are from 2" pots and you will love what we choose for you! We always have the best colors & varieties to choose from, our customers are always extremely happy with their succulents. 

Pictures are examples of what you’ll get and each 6 pack will be different. (Orders don't include wooden display crate). 

  • Please allow 7-10 days processing time on your order
  • All plants are shipped bare root, without pot or soil
  • Hand-picking the ABSOLUTE BEST - we care about the color / quality you're getting!
  • Grown & shipped from beautiful Southern California!

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