10 Amazing Reasons To Adopt A Moss Ball Pet!

10 Amazing Reasons To Adopt A Moss Ball Pet!

Mysterious. *Magical. Marvelous. Mellow. These are some of the terms that people familiar with Moss Ball Pets might use to describe them. Not only are these sensational lovable little balls of algae great to look at, but they’re fun to take care of as well. Here are 10 amazing reasons to adopt a Moss Ball Pet:

1.) The Award For Best First ‘Pet’ Goes To…

Almost every child has had some type of pet to help teach them about the importance of responsibility, patience, compassion, and other personality traits. It is way too hard for most children to pay and care for most traditional pets. Even worse, some people are allergic to pet dander.

If you are looking for a cost friendly pet that you can completely trust your child with consider Moss Ball Pets! They live for a long time (some of the oldest marimo have even lived for 200 years), require low maintenance, and don’t produce any dead matter.

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2.) Moss Ball Pets Love Aquariums

Moss Ball Pets are wonderful for fish tanks. They do everything they can to provide your animals with a healthy environment to live in.

Fun fact: Many aquarium lovers have mentioned how African Dwarf frogs and Betta Fish like to snuggle up to or lay on marimo in their tank.

3.) Marimo Absorb Pollutants...

Nitrates, byproducts of fish waste, can be toxic (and stressful) for your fish! Moss Ball Pets act like little sponges that suck up debris, ammonia, and phosphates. In the Clean Air Study published by NASA, they discussed how plants remove harmful substances such as formaldehyde and xylene from the air. If you’re ready to start living in a happier healthier environment, order your Moss Ball Pet right now!

4.) And Provide Oxygen!

Many aquarium owners utilize noisy air stones to oxygenate their tank. However, like most plants, Moss Ball Pets replenish the oxygen in their atmosphere. If you want a quieter way to release fresh oxygen into your aquarium consider giving marimo a try.

5.) Moss Ball Pets Are Mellow

Marimo moss balls are literally green strings tightly coiled in a ball. It is easy to look after them, once proper environment is set. If your pet starts to get sick, it doesn’t cost a trip to the vet to restore it to its full health. Cleaning your moss ball is the easiest – just take it out and give it a light squeeze.

6.) They Live For A Long Time

The oldest living marimo on record is over 200 years old! Unfortunately, they can not live forever, your adorable pet can get sick if something is wrong with their immediate environment.

What will it take for your moss ball pet to thrive?

  • Water
  • A small container with sand/rocks/pebbles
  • Plenty of indirect light, artificial or natural
  • The right temperature (not too hot!)

You might have to take care of your pet by carefully pruning brown or decaying bits from the moss ball, caused by the incorrect living environment.

7.) No Dead Leaves or Debris with Marimo

For most people, when they think of a healthy plant, they know that it must grow new leaves while simultaneously losing the old leaves. However, this also means that you have to remove the decaying leaves from your plant from time to time. There is no need for that kind of maintenance with Moss Ball Pets! As long as you take care of them, they stay healthy, round, and intact.

8.) Moss Ball Pets Are Great Decorations

Cat and dog owners dress up their pets in cute ways for the holidays. But, can they utilize them as beautiful decoration pieces?
This is one benefit of our Moss Ball Terrariums: you can place it on a shelf, counter, or desk to make that space aesthetically pleasing.

9.) They Are Great Friends...

Moss Ball Pets are sure to make your aquatic pets happier! They’re sure to make your critters curious at first. Some marimo owners have noted that their freshwater shrimp love to scavenge through the algae to eat the particles that the plant sucks up.

10.) And Even Better Travel Companions!

Take your Moss Ball Pet with you as you go on adventures because they could bring you good luck along the way! They can go with you on any form of transportation (yes, that does include planes). For more tips on caring for a Traveling Moss Ball Pet click here.

If you are still not sure about adopting a new pet, please feel free to read through more of the articles on our Fun Facts page or contact us!









Author: Tierra C. Watkins

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