Moss Ball Pets: A Symbol of Eternal Love

Moss Ball Pets: A Symbol of Eternal Love

Valentine's Day is a day to celebrate love, and what better way to do that than with moss ball pets? The Japanese people have long told the love story of how these adorable moss ball pets, also known as marimo, have come to symbolize eternal love. Dating back to the 19th century on the Island of Hokkaido, this romantic tale has been passed down from generation to generation. To this day, moss balls are seen as a token of everlasting love, making them the perfect Valentine’s Day gift.

What Are Moss Balls?

Moss Balls, scientifically known as Aegagropila linnaei and referred to as marimo (毬藻, literally "ball seaweed") in Japan, are spherical-shaped algae that are found mostly in cold lakes around the world. Moss Balls have a velvety appearance and can grow into large green balls. They are found in Iceland, Scotland, Japan, Estonia, and Australia. 

There is a beautiful Japanese legend of two lovers from the island of Hokkaido, Princess Senato and Manibe, who were forbidden to be together. This tragic tale is one of the reasons why Moss Balls have become a symbol of eternal love. Moss Balls bring Love, Luck, and Happiness to the ones who take care of them! 


With Valentine's Day coming up, it's the perfect time to show your special someone how much you care by giving them a moss ball pet!

Not only do they represent everlasting love, but they also require minimal maintenance - just change the water every couple of weeks and give them some sunlight! 

Additionally, we now offer Moss Ball Heart Terrariums for sale – these lovely terrariums feature adorable moss balls shaped like hearts! Show your significant other how much you care this Valentine's Day with a Moss Ball Heart Terrarium – it’s sure to show your deep feelings for them!

The Tragic Tale of Love on the Island of Hokkaido

The Ainu people of Hokkaido are renowned for their storytelling, which they practice as Uepeker - a form of storytelling that can last for hours or days. They are also animists, which means that they believe that everything has a spirit, this is important because of what takes place later in the story. The Ainu Tribe lived along the shores of Lake Akan and favored Mount Oakan. 

The tragic tale of love on the Island of Hokkaido tells the story of Princess Senato, the daughter of the Ainu tribal chief, and Manibe, a hunter. It is said that one day, while Princess Senato was gathering berries in the mountains, a group of men on horseback galloped in and shot arrows at the deer. As they surrounded the deer, Princess Senato and Manibe locked eyes, and they instantly fell in love.



From that moment forward, their fates were intertwined and they became star-crossed lovers. Despite their love, they were not allowed to be together due to their different social standings. One night they ran away together to live a quiet life in the forest and after spending decades in the wilderness together, Manibe passed away. Soon after Princess Senato died because she never recovered from her broken heart. People believe that their kamuy, or spirit, transformed into a pair of marimo. 

In honor of their enduring love, the people of Hokkaido began to collect moss balls from the shores of Lake Akan and believed that these round spheres embodied the couple’s eternal love for one another. To this day, marimo are seen as symbols of everlasting love.

How to Incorporate Moss Balls into your Valentine's Day Celebration


This Valentine's Day, don't just stick to the traditional gifts of roses, chocolates, and stuffed animals. Incorporate a unique and modern icon of love into your celebration: Moss Ball Pets! Despite what many people think, there's no need to buy red-and-pink items with hearts on them in order to express your love. Instead, look to the Japanese folklore surrounding moss balls and make these heart-shaped terrariums part of your special day.

This Valentine's Day, surprise your loved one with the gift of moss ball pets! From baby moss balls to Bob Moss candles there are plenty of options for incorporating this modern icon of love into your V-day celebration. No matter what size or shape you choose, these moss balls will provide an unforgettable reminder of your deep commitment and devotion for years to come.

Whether you’re buying them as a gift for your significant other this Valentine's Day, creating a heart-shaped terrarium with them, or simply enjoying their bright green color in your home, Moss Ball Pets make a wonderful reminder of the power of love!






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