Top 3 Reasons why You Should buy a Marimo Moss Ball

Top 3 Reasons why You Should buy a Marimo Moss Ball

Almost every kid has had a pet fish growing up. No other pet option however could match the benefits of this wonderful creature! In fact, parents still buy goldfish for their kids as a first pet, to teach them about responsibility and how-to take care of a living being.

Looking back into time, you must be thinking “Why a fish?”

Sure these creatures may be small and don’t require much in the name of attention but a fish demands incredible care! Plus, fragile goldfish die easily – just ask your parents how many times they had to replace the fish tank while you slept…

Now the time for you to pass on this tradition has arrived. Your kids are asking for a turtle (slightly better than a fish) but you aren’t too sure.

And The Award For Best First ‘Pet’ Goes To…

Let’s see what qualities makes Moss Balls the ideal pet. The best first pet must provide a sense of responsibility, towards its care and maintenance. However, taking care of the pet mustn’t be difficult, something your teenage or even nine-year-old can easily perform.

Keeping this requirement in mind, the kind people at Moss Ball Pets bring you marimo moss balls!

Benefits of Keeping Marimo Moss Ball as Your Pet

They Live For a Long Time

The oldest living marimo moss ball on record is over 200 years old! These living organisms are some of the toughest, known to live within their own eco-system. Yet, Marimo moss balls can get sick if something is wrong with their immediate environment.

What will it take for your moss ball pet to thrive?

  • Water
  • Small container with substrate for display
  • Plenty of indirect light, artificial or natural
  • The right temperature

You might have to carefully prune brown or decaying bits from the moss ball, caused by the incorrect living environment.

They Are Easy To Maintain and Take Care

Marimo moss balls are literally green strings tightly coiled in a ball. It is easy to look after them, once proper environment is set. You will quickly notice if something is wrong with your moss ball, as it will start to brown. Bringing your moss ball back to health requires changing one of only a few factors.

Cleaning your moss ball is the easiest – taking it out and giving a light squeeze just like a sponge.

Can Be Used As a Decoration Piece

Cat and dog owners dress up their pets in cute ways for the holidays, but can they utilize them as beautiful decoration pieces. No. This is one benefit of moss ball terratiums: you can place it on a shelf, counter, or desk making the space aesthetically pleasing.

Moss ball terrariums can also be gifted as a party or wedding favor! With so many benefits why not try raising your very own! Get yours at!