The Summer of Social Distancing & Moss Ball Pets

The Summer of Social Distancing & Moss Ball Pets

Summer Has Arrived!🌞

What’s your favorite thing about summer? 

Going to the beach, taking a break from school, or getting to spend more time with family are all great reasons to be excited about this season. Even more importantly, you’ll be able to spend time with your Moss Ball Pet! 

Now I know that there are some skeptics out there wondering, “How in the world is this unique, velvety, green moss ball the perfect summer companion?”

Moss Ball Pets are such a fun way to make your summer much better! Here are three things you can start planning with your marimo today:

  • Group hike/walk + picnic
  • A visit to a U-Pick berry farm 
  • Neighborhood Nature Scavenger Hunt

  • Despite all of the turmoil taking place right now, you can find a moment of solace with your favorite fuzzy moss amigo.


    Fun fact: The first day of summer takes place during the Summer solstice, which is usually between June 20th-22nd. In 2021, the first day of summer was on Sunday, June 20th.

    Group Get-Togethers!

    One way you can spend some quality time with those you love is by planning a group meetup that takes place outdoors, in a public setting such as a park.

    Here’s how to plan a fun event in just a few steps:

    • Send a group message letting everyone know the details of the day.
    • Prepare for the day by choosing a hike or walk that is appropriate for all guests and sending exact location details to the group. Have some groceries delivered so that you can bring food, water, and first aid kit supplies. Maybe have someone bring a Bluetooth speaker so you can enjoy some music?
    • On the day of the event, text, and call people to remind them about the fun you’ve planned, and arrive earlier than everyone else so that you can greet them as they show up!
      • If you all want to walk over to the picnic spot together, make it a game of Follow The Leader.
    • Lastly, spend some hours soaking up the sun, making memories, eating good food, and enjoying life with people you cherish!

    Moss Ball Pets are perfect for joining you on this adventure because they require little to no care and you don’t need to feed them!

    Fun fact: If this outing turns into a solo trip your moss ball could be your lucky charm along the way.

    Moss Ball Pets Love You, Berry Much 🍓


    As we age, we tend to forget about the simple joys we experienced in our youth. For example, when was the last time you used a coloring book or made a wish with a dandelion? While coloring is a wonderful activity for when it’s too hot out, berry picking is a quintessential part of the summer vibe.

    For some, berry picking was a chore that had to be done to assist their grandparents with canning or baking.

    For others, picking berries was a fun morning activity that helped them become little fairies who wanted to make the World’s Best Mud Pies. 

    Despite how you’ve felt about it in the past, this year would be a great chance to rediscover the beauty of U-Pick Berry Farms.

    If there isn’t a place to pick berries near your home, consider a visit to the local farmer’s market (if they are operating).

    Taking your moss ball pet along is a great way to commemorate a fun day outdoors in a truly insta-worthy way. Have you seen the Moss Ball Pets Instagram? These lil cuties are very photogenic. 


    Another great reason to bring your zany buddy with you: it’s easy to transport! You can bring your marimo with you wherever you go, as long as you cover a few basic needs.

    Fun fact: July 11th is National Blueberry Muffin Day! They deserve it because a general consensus shows that they’re America’s favorite muffin.


    Neighborhood Nature Scavenger Hunt 🦋

    Spending some time creating a scavenger hunt for your particular area could be really exciting!

    A lot of people don’t take enough time enjoying the interesting sites or special flora and fauna that help make each community distinct. This could be a multi-day project and multiple people can get involved.

    First, take some time researching what kind of animals, plants, insects, and historical sites are within a mile or two of your home (include a few easy ones just to keep people engaged). Then, create a checklist that can be shared. When everyone has the list, go outside and have some fun.

    This scavenger hunt can become even more fun if you create a hashtag for your neighborhood that people have to include when they post a picture of something on the checklist.

    Come up with a 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place prize and let your neighbors know so that they can join the hunt!


    Make Summer Epic 😎



    The best part about all of the suggestions in this blog post is that you can take your moss ball with you the entire time.

    Moss Ball Pets are the perfect pet for travelers. You can even take your good luck charm with you on a plane. All you need to do is:

    • remove it from its container, 
    • squeeze the excess water out, 
    • gently roll it in a circular motion in the palm of your hand, 
    • and store it in a plastic bag or reusable container.
    • Remember: Time flies when you’re having fun ✈. 

    Instead of letting time pass you by, you can go out and commemorate this historical time by starting a journal or photo album (don’t forget to include your moss ball!).

    John Lubbock is quoted as saying, “Rest is not idleness, and to lie sometimes on the grass on a summer day listening to the murmur of water, or watching the clouds float across the sky, is hardly a waste of time." 

    While we’re in the midst of a pandemic, continuous civil rights movement, and ever-changing times, please don’t forget to take time to rest, practice self-care, and be safe!

    The important thing to remember is that you don’t need to deal with any of this alone, your Moss Ball Pet can be right there with you, every step of the way.












    Author: Tierra C. Watkins

    Tierra C. Watkins is a freelance content creator and the CEO of Watkins Writing. She has been the lead writer for Moss Ball Pets since 2017. Tierra is currently attaining her Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration (Marketing emphasis) from Independence University. She focuses on using her writing to highlight the unique aspects of authentic products or services so that small businesses can thrive. Follow her on Twitter @tierra_watkins or LinkedIn.