How to Start a Stunning Indoor Garden

How to Start a Stunning Indoor Garden

Hello Spring! 🌷


Fun fact: Spring usually begins during the spring equinox ( which is usually March 20th or 21st). 1896 is the last time that spring started on March 19th (it’s been 124 years)


Every winter, people get excited about the cold weather and the joys it can bring: snow, holiday traditions, and seasonal foods. However, at some point, we all want the sunshine and greenery to return. This past winter, the flu season has been a doozy with the emergence of a new strain of the flu known as COVID-19. 


During this pandemic, try to remember these words which can be attributed to Anita Krizzan “Spring will come and so will happiness. Hold on. Life will get warmer." As we transition into a new season, Moss Ball Pets are welcoming the optimism that finds people in spring!



Moss Ball Pets + Spring = Green Glory 

Moss balls love the sunny days that come with spring but they are not a fan of the warmth that it brings. These fuzzy friends fit in with spring imagery because they are time-tested symbols of love, luck, and happiness. Moss Ball Pets embody the fresh vibe of spring because of their zany green round exteriors and ability to give people a boost of hope. When you think about spring do you envision flowers, breezy days, fresh-cut grass, and other greenery like our moss balls?


Unfortunately, everyone isn’t able to spend as much time outdoors as they like. Due to sickness, seasonal allergies, or sometimes just not having a great schedule at work, people miss out on spending enough time outdoors and it can begin to affect their mental health. That’s right, staying stuck inside all the time messes with your sanity!


Fun fact: Some British doctors have started prescribing houseplants to help people with anxiety and depression.


This spring, you can infuse more joy into your life by starting an indoor garden. For those living in apartments or dorms, it means that there won’t be any need to worry about finding a spot to garden. If you own or rent a single-family home, you can use more of your space for recreational activities when you keep your gardening hobby indoors.



(Photo by Valeria Ushakova from Pexels)


Let’s Get Growing 💚

Whether you’re a new or experienced gardener, bringing your passion for plants inside can be a life-changing moment. If you want an even more unique hobby, you could take it a step further and focus on curating an indoor water garden. Here’s our step-by-step to bringing some of that lovely spring feeling into your home:

Imagine Your Indoor Garden

    • If you haven’t discovered the joys of Pinterest, now might be a good time to start.  It’s the perfect place to start if you want an idea of what other people have done with their dreams of being a master gardener. Before you begin planting, take some time to imagine what you want your indoor garden to look like. 


      • For some people, creating a mood board or vision board could be another fun task. If you prefer using lists, then start a shopping list so that you know what to pick up when you head out to bring more greenery into your life.


      Learn How to Love ‘Em 

        • Everyone is not born with a green thumb. That’s fine, it just means that you need to spend a little more time learning how to love your new friends! When you adopt a Moss Ball Pet you can learn more about caring for them by clicking here or taking a look through our blog.


        • Each plant you bring into your home has its own personality. One might need more sunlight and a different watering schedule than the other(s). You can learn how to care for them by talking to someone at a local plant nursery or public library. In some areas, there might be a Houseplants Club for you to join. Regardless of how you choose to learn about your pal, you don’t have to do it alone. 


        Become a Plant Parent

          • Plant parenthood is not a new concept (although people are crediting Millenials with this #trend). For as long as we’ve been surrounded by plants, people have wanted the ability to care for them and encourage their growth. 


          • Moss balls are awesome beginner plants for your indoor garden because they require almost no maintenance and will dazzle everyone who visits your lovely abode. Unlike other plants, Moss Ball Pets™ don’t need to be weeded, won’t attract pests, and can’t affect your seasonal allergies!



            • Now that you know the basics of how to start a stunning indoor garden, the only thing left to do is flourish! It might help to add your watering schedule to a calendar so that you don’t accidentally overwater your flora. 


            • Another way to ensure you flourish: refuse to give up! Even if a plant wilts or loses some leaves, you are still learning something and that’s an important part of growth. 

            Fun fact: Moss balls, also known as marimo, have been known to live over 200 years!



            Cultivate Verdant Communities 

            Fun fact:  Verdant (ver·​dant | ˈvər-dᵊnt ) - green with growing plants 


            Embracing spring can make a dramatic difference in your mood as we continue to bounce back from the winter sickness and icy coldness. When you begin indoor gardening, you can keep that fresh and sunny spring feeling alive all year long. 


            Don’t hesitate to cultivate green spaces outside of your home. If you do some research you may find out that there is a community garden near you or a local houseplants group that wants new members. If there isn’t should start your own club.

            We would love to see how your Moss Ball Pets are coinciding with your indoor garden, you can tag @mossballpets on  Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest. Follow us if you want to meet some plant-loving people or maybe find some people to help you cultivate a verdant community!















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