5 Ways to Celebrate Cinco De Mayo

5 Ways to Celebrate Cinco De Mayo


When you think of Cinco De Mayo, what kind of imagery flows through your mind?  If you’re like 90% of Americans, you’re probably thinking of Tex-Mex cuisine, mariachi bands, and other completely unrelated symbols. 

Surprisingly, Cinco De Mayo is similar to St.Paddy’s Day. (I bet you’ve never thought that before.)

In America, people tend to associate these particular days with elements that do not portray their historical importance.


Fun fact: The English translation for Cinco De Mayo is May 5th. It has nothing to do with mayo 😬.

So... Why Do We Observe Cinco De Mayo?

Cinco De Mayo in America wasn’t celebrated on a wide scale until sometime in the 1980s when large companies (primarily those in the alcoholic beverage industry) began marketing towards those of Mexican descent. 

Many people still think that it was originally meant to celebrate Mexico and its independence from Spain but Mexico’s Independence Day is on September 16th

In 1861, Benito Juárez, the first indigenous Mexican president, decided as one of his first acts to assist the Mexican economy, he needed to cancel all of the repayment plans that Mexico had with foreign countries (Britain, Spain, and France). 

During this same time, the United States was starting to experience the Civil War. Britain, Spain, and France sent troops to fight in Mexico and receive payment. After the Mexican military proved themselves as a force to be reckoned with, Britain and Spain withdrew their soldiers.

However, Napoleon III wanted the French to overthrow the Mexican government and potentially advance to the American South to assist the Confederacy. Against all odds during the Battle of Puebla on May 5th, 1862 the Mexican soldiers were able to defeat French forces.

This win inspired the Mexican people and four days later, Juárez declared that Cinco De Mayo would become a national holiday.

Some historians believe that this win also played an influential part in the American Civil War because if the French had been able to support the Confederacy, there may have been a different outcome and the United States wouldn’t have stayed united.

Previous to the 1980s, Cinco De Mayo was only observed by some Americans and the citizens of Puebla. It began to gain notice in the U.S. when the Mexican immigrants began to use it as another opportunity to teach others about their culture.

Now that you know more about this important event, you can properly celebrate it with your friends and families!

Fun fact: The Battle of Puebla took place about 70 miles from Mexico City (the capital of Mexico).

5 Ways To Celebrate Cinco De Mayo 🎉 

This Cinco De Mayo you can include your amazing moss amigo in your celebration!

These are our top five, or cinco, ways to get started:

#1: Learn More About Mexican Culture

    • Reading this blog is a good start but If you truly want to participate in Cinco De Mayo celebrations, you should learn more about the people of Mexico and the culture that they were defending during the Battle of Puebla.
    • For those staying near a major city such as Chicago, Seattle, or Austin, there may be a museum that you can visit that is dedicated to Chicano, Latinx, or Mexican people and their history. 

    Fun fact: Skip to #4 if you want to find out how you can take your lil moss ball buddy to the museum with you!

    #2: Decorate!

      • Stay as far away from offensive costumes and instead focus on creating unique decorations that accurately represent this day. Alternatively, instead of coming up with a theme, incorporate the colors of the Mexican flag throughout your home.

      • Need a refresher on what colors that will entail? White to represent the purity of their religious faith, red represents the blood spilled during the fight for independence, and green for hope. Moss ball pets represent love, love, and happiness, so they would be the perfect centerpiece for Cinco De Mayo. 

      #3: Moss Amigos Por Amigos De Tu

        • The headline above can be translated to “Moss friends for your friends”. Is there a special person that you admire? Adopting a moss ball for them is a fantastic way to show your love, appreciation, or friendship.

        • Who gives gifts on Cinco De Mayo? Not many people, but many people also wouldn’t turn down a gift, regardless of the day!

        #4: Travel (?)

          • Moss Ball Pets are the perfect travel companion for a long day of Cinco De Mayo parties, parades, celebrations, and bar-hopping. 

          • Your moss amigo will help you break the ice at any event you attend. If you want to know more about traveling with Moss Ball PetsTM, click here.

          #5: Cook A New Recipe!

            • There are many variations of Mexican cuisine because it is a global favorite. If you’re like most people you might want to make a simple guacamole or taco to enjoy May 5th. 🌮 

            • Challenge yourself and try one of the 15 recipes that Samantha Simon put together on this nifty list. Moss balls can also be the stars of the show when placed in a terrarium on a coffee table or dining table as you enjoy your new Mexican themed meal! No matter where they are placed, someone is sure to admire your fuzzy little green orb.

            Fun fact: “Musgo” is the Spanish term for moss! 

            Fiesta Con Moss Amigo de Tu 🥳


            Whether you celebrate Cinco De Mayo in a more traditional way or modern way, it’ll be enjoyable. Instead of participating in traditions you don’t agree with or understand, you can find a way to integrate your methods of celebrating Mexican culture or the Battle of Puebla. 

            As shown by recent history, it’s never too late to start a new tradition: 

            Party with your moss friend! 🟢






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