Junior Moss Ball Pets

Junior Moss Ball Pets

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Our Junior Moss Ball Pets range between 1" to 2" in diameter and are aged from about 6 to 8 Years of age. These are a perfect addition to your fish tank or if you would like to get creative and create your own one of a kind terrarium.

Each Moss Ball Pet that you adopt from us comes with an Adoption Certificate and VIP Lifetime Membership.


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Our customers who adopt our marimo are extremely happy with the process of adoption and the quality of Moss Ball Pets. Our testimonials prove it!

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We offer a satisfaction guarantee that your Moss Ball Pets will arrive happy and healthy to your door.

Not all marimo moss balls are created equal. We only provide high quality, reasonably priced moss balls that are sourced by utilizing an environmentally friendly technique.

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A Love Story

Centuries ago along the Japanese Island of Hokkaido, a tragic tale of love has lived through the Ainu Tribes storytellings about the mystical Marimo Moss Ball.

Marimo Moss Ball Pets are living plants so it is our goal to get them to you as quickly and as safely as possible.

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